Perimeter I ,in surface of 34.894 sqm ,is closed with metallic net enclosure ,having placed on the east side – close by Danube quay the main entrance with cabin for guard and custom house. On the south side is placed another access entrance.
Perimeter I includes the next constructions:
- administration building , with 15 rooms, disposed on two levels (8 on the ground floor and 7 on the first floor) of 277 sqm/level;
- building for firm headquarters, with 4 on the grand floor and 5 rooms on the first floor, having a surface of 128 sqm/level;
- two buildings of villa type with rooms for firm headquarters, with one level , of 292 sqm;
- sheet warehouse for general cargo of 3500sqm, with a structure of collapsible metallic elements , with 4 independent openings, having 13m breath, 69m length and height of depositing 4m. The warehouse is endowed with fire plugs ;
- workshop for maintenance and reparation of harbor equipment(technical revisions and current reparations of equipments) ;
- transformation post for electric power(400 kva capacity), who supplies all the consumers from perimeter 1;
- cabin for guard – two pieces;
- pump stations and hydrophore(200m3 capacity);
- thermal station(500Kcal/h capacity),providing the heating of administrative spaces.
In this perimeter it is offered for renting or concession distinct lots with arranged ground and covered spaces:
- concrete platform of 6.000 sqm
- stoned platform with a structure of compact macadam of 4.500 sqm.
On the Danube side of perimeter I it is built a vertical quay of 150 lm with possibilities for ship’s supplying with water and energy.

     Perimeter III: the actual pier zone of sea transit basin, closed with metallic net enclosure, has cabin for guard and custom house on the in-out zone. Entire zone has an access road starting with in-out zone and going to the basin pier, close by the basin crowning, along the pier and all over the sea transit basin. Inside of this perimeter is a stoned platform of 20.000sqm, on the basin west side, a stoned platform of 13.000 sqm on the basin pier, with access road at the Danube quay and the basin quay, of 4.000 sqm. All the parcels are for renting or concession.
The constructions included in the 3rd perimeter are:
- administration building with one level of carrying masonry, with roof of caissons, having 344 sqm spaces for headquarters offered for renting or concession;
- warehouse for general goods of 1565 sqm(84,93x18,43 m), built from ferro-concrete pillars;
- ordered in 14 bay of 16m and an opening of 18m, with roof of ferro-concrete elements. The height of depositing can have 4m. The warehouse has hydrant.
- pump stations and hydrophore(200m3 capacity);
- transformation post for electric power(2x250 kva capacity), who supplies all the consumers from perimeter 3;
In this area is built an electrically network on ferro- concrete pillars of 20 m height and electric switch boxes of 50 kw capacity (distance between them being of 50m) for ship’s supplying with energy ,and a hydrant’s water supplying network placed on the quays.
On the sea basin sides are built stone packing quays having a total area of 2.200m, with 6 operating berths of 200m each one, on the Danube side of the basin pier they are 450 m of stone packing quay and 150m of mixed quay.

Perimeters 2,4,5, of 568.000 sqm unarranged ,unclosed and charge free area , are offered for renting or concession. These perimeters have access on the Danube or sea basin too.

Perimeter 6 – sea transit basin have a surface of 330.850sqm and depth 7m.

Perimeter 7 - river basin destined to pleasure and fishing boats, in surface of 50.150sqm.

- 5 operating berths, endowed with hydrant for water supply (3 cbm/h), electricity supply 250 KVA x 2, energy supply while night time, these can accommodate any sea vessel whose draft does not exceed the 7,32 m (23 feet) limit, imposed still by Sulina Bar.
- 3 floating cranes of 16 tf capacity, provided also with grabs,
- 2 floating cranes of 32 tf, perfectly fit for 20 ft and 40 ft containers handling all cranes being self-propelled,
- 2 river pushers, each of 840 HP
- one sea-river tugboat of 630 HP,
- 2 covered river barges Europe 2A- type of 1500 MTS capacity each,
- several 3,5-10 tf forklifts, bobcats for bulk cargo trimming,
- tractors and trailers etc.